Real Estate Law

As it relates to Real Estate transactions, Kidwell & Cunningham prepares Deeds, Mortgages, Notes, Purchase Agreements, Land Installment Contracts, Commercial and Residential Leases. The firm also performs Closing Agent Services, conducts Title Searches, prepares Lawyer's Certificates of Title, and can procure Ohio Bar Title Lenders and Owners Insurance. The firm also handles Landlord/Tenant matters, including eviction proceedings. 

Estate Planning

Attorneys at Kidwell & Cunningham work with clients to provide them with estate planning guidance. The firm prepares Wills, Trusts, and associated documents which may include Business Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Health Care Power of Attorney.

Estate Administration

Kidwell & Cunningham also assists clients with the complex process of probate administration. 

Small Business Formation and Planning

From a small business planning perspective, Kidwell & Cunningham can assist you in setting up and operating a business. These services include: selecting the appropriate legal entity for your business, filing the necessary paperwork with the Ohio Secretary of State, and preparing associated documents, such as operating agreements and employment contracts.

Transactional Law

Kidwell & Cunningham helps individuals and businesses with transactional work: researching, drafting, negotiating and advising. This may include drawing up the necessary documents for a client to purchase or sell an existing business, reviewing and negotiating contracts on behalf of our clients, etc.


Attorneys at Kidwell & Cunningham assist clients and their families with the process of adoption. We handle all types of adoptions, ranging from pre-placement adoptions to step-parent and grandparent adoptions. 

Personal Injury

Kidwell & Cunningham represents victims in personal injury cases to achieve fair, honorable, and just results. 

Real Estate Closing and Settlement Services

Owl Creek Title Agency provides comprehensive and professional Real Estate closing and settlement services. Please visit Owl Creek Title Agency's website at or call 740.397.7427 for additional information.